miercuri, 14 iulie 2010

ARGO Premiership Semis Qualifications

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my great pleasure to announce the Semi-Finalist teams for the ARGO Premiership 2009-2010.

These are: Shakur, The Maveriks, New Outlook and OMG We've Killed Kenny.

The semi-finals, grand final and award ceremony will all take place on the 25th of july.

The team Ranked 1st will debate the team ranked 4th and the team ranked 2nd will debate the team ranked 3rd.

Thusly the Semi-Finals will be.

1. Shakur vs. OMG We've Killed Kenny

2. The Maveriks vs New Outlook

Speaker, Reply Speaker and full Team tabs will be revealed after the final and award ceremony.

So be there to claim your prizes!

Everyone will recieve a participation certificate.

Special prizes will be awarded for: The ARGO Champions, The Second Best Team, The Best ARGO Speaker, The top 6 speakers, The Top 2 Freshmen Speakers and The Best Reply Speaker.

Thank you and see you all on the 25th,


Convener and CA for ARGO Premiership 2009-2010