miercuri, 10 februarie 2010

Romania at the 2010 WSDC Qatar

Sunday on the 7 th of February, the Romanian National Team for the 2010 WSDC left for Qatar. The team is composed of 5 people Eveline Dicu, Raluca Pasare and Catalin Radu Barbu, from ARGO, students at CNMV Ploiesti, Dragos Ghita, from AES, student at CNMV Ploiesti and Radu Valeanu, from CDAIS (Iasi), student at Colegiul National "Emil Racovita" Iasi, and is being coached by Alexandra Neacsu. Romania's official judge to the WSDC is Mrs. Simona Mazilu. We all know and love them and we should cheer for them. Update your YM status and show them your support, go online on Facebook (http://www.facebook .com/group. php?gid=47016259 5415&ref= mf), become a member of their group and show them your cheering and stuff like that :D.

Right now they're getting ready for the first round of the championship which will take place today. They've been working arround the clock in the past months prepairing for a the challange that is a high school debaters greatest. The quality of their debates and debating skills are a great example for all of us and a huge kudos for them.

For more details on the 2010 WSDC : http://www.schoolsd ebate.com and http://www.wsdc2010 qatar.com/.

Here are some videos and images from previous WSDCs: http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=IoQ0Z00G5zo, http://video. google.ro/ videoplay? docid=8516998176 439721446&ei=ih1xS5zRI6Le2wKv 4aHdBg&q=2009+WSDC&hl=ro&client=firefox- a#, http://video. google.ro/ videoplay? docid=2114489137 963293139&hl=ro&emb=1#

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