joi, 14 aprilie 2011

ARGO@Meeting the Great Debaters Final, Cluj

 Last weekend in Cluj was organised what in our opinion was the most important, well organised and high-level Universities Debating Tournament in Romania for some time now.

 ARGO was represented by Eveline Dicu and David Moscovici (team ASE Bucharest A) and Serban Pitic, debating along Radu Tiganas from Central Debate Bucharest (team UNATC-UNT Bucharest A).

Serban and Radu made it as finalsits and Eveline and David made it to the semi-finals. All three ARGO Debaters  made the top 10 speaker list, Serban Pitic being awarded the 3rd rank in the tournament.

 The tournamet was held in english, in Worlds Format (BP) and was honoured by the participation of 4 great Oxford Union debate judges: Johnathan Leader Maynard, Lizzie Bauer, David Whatson and Neil Dewar that judged debates alongside experienced Romanian judges such as: Emi Beteringhe, Radu Stoita and Anca Pascu.

Congrats to the our friends Petru Seicaru and Laur Balasa, the winners of the tournament. Also congrats to Flavia and Sorina for making the finals and the top 10 Speaker List:) And the great photos.

 Organised very well, with great venues, acoomodation and terrific party-ing. We had a great time and would like to express many thanks to Emil Mesaros and ARDOR Transilvania for organising a great event, to all the people involved (volunteers, BBU Staff), to the great teams at the tournament and our friendly adjudicators:)

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