luni, 29 decembrie 2008

THBT Christmas is all about Santa

Alas it is that time of the year again... a time of giving, love, familly, tradition and, for the more adventurous, trying to catch The Christmas Spirit in a bottle.

Yet of course it is also a time for chocolate, for packing 15 people in a room and having fun debates.

We thought that what else should be debated in this wonderfull season, if not the true nature of Christmas itself. Is Chistmas all about Santa?

Six brave debaters set off on this journey for knowledge 

Their goal : to find the truth
Their weapons : critical thinking, charisma and a sense of humour
The arena : a christmas table next to a christmas tree
Their names : Government Horia Tudor, Ana Rus, Teo Sovaiala
  Opposition  Nae Sovaiala, Iulian Maier, Mihai Alexandrescu

At the end of the debate we shook our hands... we had accomplished our goal. 
We now knew that Santa isn't really that nice of a guy, that it's pretty weird that he dresses in red, uses a kind of spirit in order to manipulate people and heat up their souls, tempts them into sins of Gluttony (eating) and Greed (buying), and has minions doing his biding.

We also know that Christmas is actually a government-parent conspiracy to make you uncontrollably buy things while the state gets taxes, things with which parents bribe their innocent children.

Finnaly we're not very sure if some of us are on the nice or naughty list (a peculiar problem seems to be at Horia), yet if we must we could always ask Julian as he seems to hold the list.

At the end of the day we're happy debaters, another mystery solved, another fun debate had and we're one step further on our path for enlightment

Happy holidays everyone


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motanik spunea...

:)it was a very very nice morning and a very very fun(ny) debate:D we should do more of this