marți, 20 aprilie 2010

First Premiership Round Goes Well

This sunday, after the Premiership Grand Opening, the teams debated the motion:

This House believes that Transnistria should be an independent state

The teams debating were:

OMG We've Killed Kenny (PROP) versus New Outlook (OPP)

Piticii Pufosi Dementi de Menta (PROP) versus The Maveriks (OPP)

Elysium (PROP) versus BTH (OPP)

The debates were judged by Serban Pitic, Nae Sovaiala and Horia Tudor.

The winners this round were : OMG We've Killed Kenny, The Maveriks and Elysium.

Congrats to all and be ready for the next challange,

Serban Pitic
Conveener and Chief Adjudicator

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